Louie Evans

I’m a graphic designer passionate about the digital space and identity.
Spending most of my time now at Love + Money Agency. 🐑
Interned at Projects of Imagination. 💭
Graduated from Monash University, 2019.
Currently based in Melbourne, Australia.




University Project

Supervised by
Rick Milovanovic and Tristan Ceddia
‘Save the Banana Party’ is ultimately my take on how a memorial could be designed in a unique way. With the Banana actually facing danger of extinction, the collaterals created for this political party becomes to function as a kind of memorial itself.

Melbourne Cinémathèque

University Project

Supervised by
Warren Taylor and Lucy Russell
Melbourne Cinémathèque is a non-for-profit film society who is passionate about screening rare and significant films in Melbourne, Australia. The concept came together under the term “hidden gem”, which summarises the nature of the organisation. Although this started off as a university assignment, this work was selected by the Melbourne Cinémathèque to be used for the actual 2020 program identity.

Melbourne Cinémathèque →

Special Times with Collective Hope

Collective Hope/Campbell Hay

Created With
Yon Matauko →
Collective Hope is a project showcasing a collaborative response between creatives confined at home using Google Sheets as their platform during the 2020 pandemic. Together with graphic designer Yon Matauko, we created two Instagram filters (‘First-Aid: Mask’ and ‘First-Aid:Plaster’) that act as a digital first-aid kit, for people to treat themselves with positivity.

The aim of the filter is to protect yourself from any digital vulnerability, and to show that social media doesn’t always need to be about happiness and strengths. We want to provide an opportunity to show your vulnerable face, far from the happy, extravagant lifestyle that many of us feel forced to show, even at though times like the pandemic.

Collective Hope →


University Project

Supervised by
Adam Cruickshank
This project challenged what it means to ‘publish’, by becoming a pop-up ad myself. The pla-cards will appear at a random timing when I am chatting with a friend, resembling the experience of encountering a pop-up ad. The aim was to see how design and its message could be delivered in a way that forced people to understand.


University Project

Supervised by
Vincent Chan
Passcode is a typeface specifically designed for stencil use. It holds a digital aesthetic, which creates a different feel from traditional stencil typography. Although it may look simple, Passcode is designed to be a little challenging to construct. This way, the user experiences the ‘unlocking’ process during the formation of letters, as you would do with passcodes and passwords.